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IDF Studio Scenery is the One-Stop Shop for Custom and Complete Rental Sets

IDF began in 1981 as a small set shop providing custom scenery for the ever-growing entertainment industry. Over the years, the business has expanded into a full service custom fabrication resource with an extensive inventory of unique stock scenery. Both of these assets make IDF the perfect one-stop set shop for your every production need.

Custom Scenery:

IDF has a full staff including scenic painters, carpenters, welders, designers, artists.

We specialize in custom construction of sets, props, and specialty items for television, film, theatrical productions and corporate trade shows and events. Our expertise includes scenic painting, wood and metal fabrication, miniatures, oversized props, and mechanical effects. IDF can provide a complete package: construction, scenic painting, installation, strike and transportation, regardless of the size and scope of your production.

Rental Scenery:

IDF Rental inventory includes the basic set elements: walls, doors, windows and columns, and more unique pieces such as fireplaces, stone, brick and cinderblock walls, bay windows, industrial truss works, etc. Though much of our old rental scenery inventory was lost in a fire in 2019, we are slowly rebuilding our stock. Please call us to discuss your rental scenery needs. The rental items shown may no longer be in stock – but we are keeping these images up on the web page to give you an idea what we can build, and what may return to our inventory soon.

Our Mission Statement:

We take pride in our product and consider customer service and attention to detail our primary goal.